January Favorites

  1. Too Faced Sweet Peach Eye Shadow Palette
Photo from Too Faced

The Too Faced Sweet Peach Eye Shadow Palette has officially dethroned my favorite eye shadow palette from last year—the Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics. It’s actually kind of sad because its thunder only lasted for so long in my life. Nowadays even if I try not to, I end up reaching for my Sweet Peach palette almost everyday partly because it smells divine!!! I’m not even kidding. It smells so good that one of the YouTubers I watched said she imagined shorting the eye shadows as if they were cocaine… *kroo kroo*


I also love the hues it comes with—all warm tones with magical pinks, which I love the most. My favorite shades are: Peaches ‘N Cream (light beige), Georgia (light pink), Candied Peach (peachy pink), and Summer Yum (orangey brown). I like to apply them in such order, by the way. Also, I know my favorites are all matte but—don’t get me wrong—the shimmers are pretty great, too. My favorite shimmers are Bellini and Just Peachy. Yup, I love them pink!!!

Also, I’m not gonna say that they’re pigmented because at this point, aren’t they all? But I would say it’s highly blendable, which is a huge plus for me because I’m still learning the art of layering ‘em shadows.

2. Essence Long Lasting Eye Pencil


I know in my 2016 favorites I mentioned that Prestige has always been my default brand for retractable eyeliners, basically since they’re priced affordably and they don’t smudge.

Come 2017 when I took notice of Essence after their Pure Nude Highlighters got hyped, and since the highlighters were always out of stock, I ended up trying out random products from them instead. One of the good products I chanced upon was their retractable eyeliner in 02 Hot Chocolate.

At first, I thought that the lead (?) was a bit too fat for my liking but eventually learned to appreciate it. The pencil glides so smoothly (I’ve tried some that simply refuse to write on my lids such as Colourpop’s – what a disappointment) and it doesn’t smudge! Not to mention, it’s half the price of my trusty Prestige eyeliner. It’s only PHP 179 at Watsons. So far so great! I’m such a fan, mostly because of the price, that I am thinking about hoarding them so I will never run out of it.

Also, I’ve discovered just now that it’s also loved by many. It’s rated 4.4 out of 5 on both Ulta and Makeup Alley!

3. Becca Glow on the Go


Becca highlighters are so expensive that I just can’t seem to bring myself to getting one. Good thing they came up with a travel-size version that’s a bundle of their powdered and liquid Opal luminizers at the same time. It’s just PHP 1,139 at Sephora.ph, and I believe that even though they’re both tiny, they’ll still go a very long way.

The powder version is actually my most favorite among all the highlighters I’ve tried to date. Then again, I haven’t tried that many yet. What I love about it are the color which I think matches any skin tone, and more than that, the finish! I use mine with a tapered brush and they just work so well together.

4. Zoeva 227 Soft Definer Brush


Speaking of brushes, my personal holy grail is the Zoeva 227 brush. They call it the Soft Definer brush and I’m actually not sure why because if it were me, I would call it a Fluffy Eye Blending Brush instead. Or FEB brush in short.

It was one of the higher quality eye shadow brushes I bought late last year that I’ve been using everyday since. It’s good for base, occasional soft creases and overall blending. I eventually bought their other brushes with more specific functions (like for the crease, etc.) but I found that nothing came close to the 227. That, or I haven’t used it as much just yet to make such conclusion.

Regardless, for me, if you could just afford one good eye shadow brush, this is it. The rest you can go cheapo and just buy at Landmark. Hehe.

5. Colourpop Ultra Matte Foxy


I bought a ton of Colorpop lippies last year and found that they were mostly just satisfactory. Most of what I got were matte, and I know most people complain they’re too drying. For me, though, the texture is fine. What I just didn’t appreciate is how different some colors appeared on the internet vs. how they looked like when applied on your own lips. Most, if not all, ended up looking much darker than my expectations. And I don’t like that, because super dark lips aren’t my thing. I just don’t think they match my personality.

But, if I were to choose which I liked the most, it would be their Foxy set primarily because you get to try five different colors at once, and they’re all minis so they finish fast and you get to move on from them fast, too. Hehehe.


In terms of the colors, I like how varied the shades are. Each is super different from the other. I would rank the shades from my most used to least used: (1) Beeper–on the brown side but still looks normal and wearable, (2) More Better–red with a violet undertone, (3) Clueless–mauve, (4) Creeper—red with an orange undertone, and (5) Tulle—described as ‘dusty burgundy’; never worn because it turned out to be too dark for me.

6. Beautyblender Original


Beautyblender is the perfect example for the saying “Buy nice or buy twice.” Really. I’ve bought dupes again and again because I found that a sponge couldn’t possibly be PHP 1,000 expensive but ended up wasting hundreds after hundreds on these cheaper imitations.

To this day, however, I still can’t say wholeheartedly that this silly sponge (not the Silisponge because that’s another waste of money apparently) is worth PHP 1,000. But I would say that if it keeps haunting you and you just end up buying counterfeit products thinking it would satisfy you, please stop wasting your time, money and energy on the second class and just go for the real thing.

Also, a funny story: I complained to Sephora that their product info was misleading because I thought they gave me a mini Beautyblender. Little did I know that the sponge expands when wet, and that you should almost always wet it. -___-

P.S. My boyfriend told me that the Beautyblender expands before the Sephora complaint happened, and clearly I didn’t take him seriously.

7. Muji Vanity Make Up Box


This has got to my one of my top favorite gifts from last Christmas! My bestfriend got it for me, knowing I always like bringing as many products as I can with me, because I have a “you never know” mentality. I just wish bringing heavy bags everyday toned my arms but they don’t.

Photo from Muji

Anyway, I love the size. My bestfriend got me the biggest one available and I’m so glad she did. I haven’t done it yet but I imagined this would also be perfect for travelling. I also love the compartments they provide, such as the ones for brushes and the side pockets. For additional organization, I also bought PP Vanity (I don’t know what PP means) with partitions.

8. Suesh Small Vanity Case with Lights (D9520K)


For the record, I am not that vain. I just happen to like makeup so much. In fact, I think my boyfriend is more vain than me but that’s okay because he bought me this vanity case with lights (!!!) for Christmas!

I use it primarily for the mirror and lights. I just feel like I’m more serious in putting on makeup when I have this vanity case, than say, doing my makeup in front of my bathroom mirror. To be honest, though, I find the lights a little blinding sometimes but it’s worth it. Haha.


Featured image from Too Faced

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