My Top 10 Favorite Makeup Products of 2016

I have never been as in love with makeup as I am now. I think I owe this infatuation to YouTube, actually. Watching vlogs creates one want after another, and it never ends!! I suddenly cannot have too many palettes, lippies, brushes, and so on. And the thing is, I realize it’s not just about wanting to look pretty–that’s why girls love makeup, but it’s the whole process of learning about it and basically just playing with it that’s actually the bigger part of the fun. Like for me, I’ve never really been the artistic type. I can’t even draw a proper simple flower–go ahead and ask my bestfriend. Haha! But suddenly with makeup, I can experiment with colors and strokes, and along the way, get to figure out what works for my features and what doesn’t. REALLY FUUUUUN!

And so with the products I’ve amassed this year, again thanks to YouTube’s recommendations (and also my friends’ and social media’s), I would like to tell you about my top 10 makeup purchases of the year and why I love them!

Feel free to share yours, too, because I always like looking for the next product to try! ❤

1. Naked Ultimate Basic Palette

Photo by yours truly

This is one of my most recent buys, and it immediately got me so hooked! I got this in Hong Kong earlier this month at Lane Crawford for HKD 650, already including an Urban Decay Vice lipstick and a free compact mirror and a makeup case. Quite an irresistible deal, I must say!

I love the hues of this palette, and while they’re relatively safe colors, they aren’t at all boring! I particularly love the pinkish, mauve one and the orangey, brick one the most! I also love that they’re generally matte and non-glittery, which are perfect for chinky eyes and oily skin. Everything blends well and so easily… This is very important, because apparently not all pricey eyeshadows do, and this one’s just magnificent!

I also appreciate the big mirror that goes with it, since I always put makeup on the go. And also the double-ended brush!

No. Gripe. At. All. (Hi Josh! I used your favorite word!)

2. MAC Prep & Prime Fix +

Photo from MAC Cosmetics

You know when people ask you why you love the person you’re with, and sometimes all you can answer is “I just do”? Well, that’s how I feel about this product! I honestly don’t know if it really makes much of a difference but I just love it!

It’s a spritzer (I’m lazy to research product information right now, so please bear with me for my choice of descriptions) that’s supposed to refresh your makeup. You can spray it to your face before and/or after makeup, for about 12 inches away. It’s also supposed to make your makeup look less cakey or overdone.

But what really got me to buy it was finding out it has ingredients like as chamomile and cucumber, which are known to calm your skin and prepare it for makeup application. I personally tend to have sensitive skin that easily gets blotchy, so I found this feature a huge advantage.

The 100ml size is sold at around PHP 1,250 at local MAC stores, and a 30ml travel size at PHP 600. I suggest you go with the bigger one, though, because it’s so addicting to use. You’ll want to spray it every chance you get! Haha!

3. Benefit Cheekathon

Photo from Benefit Cosmetics

I used to be okay with Elf’s contour and blush (very cheap but also very nice), particularly the one with a coral blush tone… Until I learned about Cheekathon! It’s a limited edition (?) product of Benefit wherein they combined five of their bestselling blush and contour products in their original sizes–not in miniature versions (!!!) –in one set. So this set being priced at PHP 3,500, give or take, is actually not bad at all, since they sell these individually at PHP 1,500. 😉 Not to forget that the packaging looks so, so, so pretty. I honestly think this started my cravings for more expensive and pretty-looking makeup. Huhu.

4. BH Cosmetics’ 10-Piece Sculpt and Blend 2 Brush Set

Photo from BH Cosmetics

I always rave about this set to my friends because they’re the most affordable and most sulit brush set I have ever encountered!!! Because, while I’m not the thriftiest person out there (clearly), I still have a few things I can’t bring myself to buy. For instance, a brush that costs PHP 1,000 for me is quite ridiculous. I know they say it’s an investment, but what if you could get a set–a 10-piece set (!!!)–for just the same amount or even lower? Of course I’d go with the 10-piece set!

In terms of quality, I honestly love it. No problems with it at all. Or at least so far. Oh, except that you end up not using all the brushes in the set. But it’s okay! It’s still very cheap!!!

A piece of advice: I know the regular prices are already good, but do note that they like being on sale a lot, so don’t buy anything on their website without any ongoing promos, okay!!!

5.  Happy Skin Zit Zapper Foundation

Photo from Happy Skin

I’ve been using this product for months now, although before, I liked alternating it with my other foundation products. Until recently that is, when I found my skin breaking out for weeks (not just days). I then figured I should just stick to this foundation first for a while and not switch it up so much, and it helped my skin a lot! To be transparent, I also did change a few things in my skincare regimen but this just proves that this foundation doesn’t cause you zits! In fact, it’s silicone-free, so you don’t need to worry about your pores getting clogged, and it also has grapefruit extract and salicylic acid to combat pimple formation.

I also like that it feels light on the skin but still manages to have a very good coverage–really it does, because I do not have very clear skin but with it, I manage to look decent. Haha. Plus, it’s locally made! And available in Landmark (SRP at PHP 1,299), so I get it for free (sort of) thanks to my dad’s GCs! LOL.

The only thing I don’t like about it is its packaging look. I hope they redesign it! Function-wise, it’s okay.

6. Fresh Beauty’s Sugar Tinted / Cream Lip Treatments

Photo from Fresh Beauty


I’d known about Fresh Beauty for a few years now and their lippies would catch my attention everytime I saw them abroad. I never got around to buying them, though, since each lip product costs around PHP 1,200. That’s until my favorite US blogger, Julia Engel of, raved about it. Immediately after, once I got the chance, I got her two favorites–Rose and Petal, and loved them both at first try!

Apart from them giving me nice-looking and well-moisturized lips, what I also really love about them are the scent — so, so good and they don’t go bad even after multiple uses, and the pretty packaging — screw-type and metallic!

Got nothing but love, love, love for these. Seriously, if I could hoard them all, I would live my life happily every after.

7. Japonesque Travel Complexion Trio

Photo from Urban Outfitters

I don’t hear a lot about this brand, but I first discovered it in Beauty Bar back in the time that I didn’t have proper brushes yet for basic makeup. I got their travel set which offers three basic brushes: an angled buffing brush, a stippling brush, and a concealer brush. All of these I still use until today. They’re really nice, and really affordable, too, at around PHP 1,200 if I recall correctly! They don’t get weird after several baths. Plus, did I say they’re travel-sized? Which is perfect because I never have time to do my makeup at home. I basically have to carry all my makeup with me when I go out. That’s why I get backaches. Ugh. Salonpaaaas!!!


8. BH Cosmetics’ Studio Pro Ultimate Brow Palette

Photo from BH Cosmetics

I know, I know. I don’t need all the colors. Haha. But this whole palette only costs USD 14 at its current sale price. How can you resist?


I think the idea is to combine the clear wax (bottom right corner) with the brow powder (first two rows from the top), but so far, I’ve only been using the lightest to the second lightest brown waxes found at the bottom left corner.

I use the darker shade for the ends of my brows, then gradient to the lighter one for the parts closer to my eyes and nose. I really, really love these! So easy to use, and it creates a natural-looking finish to your brows. A little pencil (I use The Face Shop’s) afterwards helps, too!

9. Prestige Automatic Eyeliner in Expresso

Photo from Prestige Cosmetics

Now this one’s totally underrated. I mean, clearly eyeliners have become too basic and too essential to the point that not many people get excited about it anymore–myself included. But, I realize, this year I’ve tried a good number of eyeliners trying to switch it up, but I still always end up going back to the same tried and tested automatic eyeliner of Prestige Cosmetics!

I love that it doesn’t smudge! That’s my number 1 consideration in choosing eyeliners, because nobody wants racoon eyes unless it’s Halloween, right? Plus I get oily very, very easily, so props to this one for not letting me down. 😉

Another good thing about it is that it’s pretty affordable, at around PHP 350 in Beauty Bar. I’ve tried other good ones, too, but they’re all more expensive. And since I use eyeliners almost everyday, it’s kind of hard to keep up with a pricier one given that it lasts only for so long with me. :p

Lastly, I love the Expresso shade. It’s brown but the shade is perfect (like how coffee is perfect hehe) and is still dark enough to define your eyes.

P.S. Not all Prestige eyeliners are good. I’ve tried their liquid one and their charcoal one and did not like both at all. Only this automatic one, okay!

10. NYX Blotting Powder in Medium Dark

Photo from NYX Cosmetics

I got this one very recently, too, because I needed a proper setting powder that’s also a blot powder! That’s because my MAC Blot Powder hit pan so quickly! And while I’m not sure this is a fair comparison, I think I like the NYX one more than I like MAC’s. 😐

Reasons: Primarily because of the color. While both are relatively translucent once applied, I like that the NYX one in Medium Dark shade has golden undertones. Especially since I always hear on YouTube to get setting powders in banana color. So, golden = yellow = banana. LOL. But seriously, I like looking yellow-y more than getting too white or too beige. Add to that the texture. I like that even though it’s pressed powder, the powder comes off instantly and very smoothly once used with a sponge or a brush. And last but not the least, the price. Haha. It’s much cheaper than MAC clearly! I got my MAC for PHP 1,700, and this one for only PHP 620 at the SM Store. That’s 3 NYX Blotting Powders for the price of 1 MAC Blot Powder!


And that ends my listicle! ❤

I hope you picked up a thing or two from what I wrote, and I look forward to posting more about the other products I’ve tried and will try in the near future. 🙂

Top of my list to post about would be lippies, since I’ve only featured one here. It’s just that they’re so many and I need further conscious evaluation before posting about them. Heehee! Plus, I pray that I actually find time to take my own photos for my succeeding entries, and also for the discipline to take photos first before trying out the products I buy/receive. To be honest, I think I’ll need to pray harder for the latter one, because I have really low EQ sometimes. Or if we’re being positive, you can say that I’m just a person filled with curiosity and excitement all the time! :p

Anyway, see you guys on my next post! ❤



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