Hong Kong 2015: Ocean Park

Day 2 was Ocean Park Day.

Park ticket was at HKD 385 for adults–not bad for such a big amusement park. Going there, we rode the Citybus 629 from Admiralty station for only HKD 10.6 per single trip. I loved that it was such a quick and smooth ride. Except, we had a very eager photo bomber seated right behind us. 😐

Photo bomber alert!!! And this isn’t the only photo he appeared in.

We arrived at Ocean Park around noon, which wasn’t so bad since the park opens at 10AM and closes at 7PM. However, going around this place, I realize, needs serious strategizing skills. The place is so huge, with lots of walking in between. It’s not like Disneyland Hong Kong wherein all the attractions are pretty close to each other. Here, you’ll have to take trams or cable cars, and even with those, lots and lots and lots of walking are still involved. And that’s coming from somebody who likes to walk. Given that, you really have to map out your park itinerary before beginning to roam around, or else it’ll be times up before you know it!

But first, photo ops.

With Mr. Tree

Kung Fu Pandas

Rare non-selfie photo of Jel and me together  during this trip 🙂

The side and back details of my dress from Zara TRF 🙂

Inside the Panda Village…

Hungry, vegetarian panda
These are Red Pandas apparently, aka Lesser Pandas and Bear-cats!

We also went inside the Grand Aquarium.

Find Nemo

SEA JELLY SPECTACULAR! This attraction was without a doubt my favorite. Most of the jelly fish were so interesting-looking and photogenic, too!




Me as a jelly fish!

Beautiful sceneries! ❤







We made sure to catch the Ocean Wonders, which was a dolphin and seal/sea lion show. I was actually extra excited for this, since I was able to watch its counterpart in Ocean Adventure in Subic Pampanga just a couple of months back, and enjoyed it immensely. But quite surprisingly, this show wasn’t any nicer. Basically, that’s me commending Ocean Adventure. Hehe!




Sealed it with a kiss LOL

And then it was sunset. *insert smiley emojis with heart eyes x 10*



You see that coaster ride? I rode that after I took this photo, and it was such a joy ride! Except that I wasn’t wearing my glasses for the fear of it flinging away into the vast unknown. Haha. So my view the whole time was like one bokeh after another. (For reference, I have a 300-325 grade on both eyes, so just imagine.)


I honestly can’t wait to go back! 🙂 I feel like there’s still so, so much I’ve yet to experience and master in Ocean Park. Next time, I’ll be more prepared. I’ll create a separate itinerary schedule just for Ocean Park! And it’ll be very detailed, from the time I wake up to the time we get there, up until the time we leave and arrive home, and all the details in between from what show to watch first and which rides to conquer. I will make sure I finally conquer the whole place strategically!!



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