Hong Kong 2015: Day 1

My Hong Kong trip with my closest workmate, Jel, was half a year overdue in terms of me writing about it. I’ll probably miss a few great fun facts, but I’ll do what I can.


Most of my trips in this country start with the same restaurant, Tsui Wah, along Carnarvon Road in Tsim Sha Tsui. I guess no matter how I try varying it up, I will still be, for the most part, a creature of habit. Case in point, this is my usual order in Tsui Wah! Not really sure what it’s called, but I dub it the Baked Pork Chop Tomato Rice. It’s basically pork chop on egg fried rice, topped with tomato sauce, actual tomato slices, button mushrooms, and some gooey delicious cheese! I don’t think it can get any better than that!

To be honest, the start of the trip was actually very stressful for me. I lacked sleep (as I always do before a trip, not just because I’m excited, but because I am a night owl and cannot sleep early no matter what) and had an eye irritation. Actually it’s more of the latter part. You see, the tyring-to-vary-it-up in me got an eyelash extension less than 24 hours before my flight. I’d heard of a few friends getting that and they seemed to have encountered no problem at all and were generally okay with the procedure and the outcome. I, however, ended up with one red eye. They weren’t the infectious sore eyes type, but more of heavily irritated that the inner corner of my eyeball was really red and ugly, plus they would sting everytime I would get it wet!

Jel was gracious enough to give up the second hour (right after Tsui Wah) of our trip to seek for medical help from an eye doctor somewhere in the city, but to no avail. I got there past 5 and they wouldn’t attend to anyone with no appointments! L So there’s that. I ended up just sucking it in, and dictated my own way of treating it by getting anti-redness eye drops. Up to this day, I’m not super sure if that was necessary but it would give me temporary relief everytime I used it, and after 1-2 days more, my eyes were back to normal. You can call me Dra. Cua from now on.

Travel quote

This unfortunate incident showed me that no amount of preparation will truly prepare you for a travel. I say that because I get very OC when I do my pre-trip planning—itinerary-wise and all, but there are always some things you can’t be too prepared about. And one of the things I’m learning repeatedly is that you just always have the ride the wave, if and when it comes, and see it as part of the adventure and your next story to tell. Then, you’ll be fine.


Our first agenda after much hulabaloo was shopping in Ikea at the MegaBox in Kowloon. It was our first time in that branch, as well as in that area actually. It was apparently a little too far even via MTR, since there’s still about a 10- to 15-minute walk after. But all efforts were made worth it when we got to bring home bagfuls of shopped items. I wish I’d taken photos of what I got, but like I said, I was still pretty stressed about my eye that time that documentation came secondary.



On top of my head, my favorite purchases here were my gray square pillows—cushions and cases, which I still use in my bedroom until today. J I bought two! They also came in handy because our hotel room in Hong Kong lacked pillows.


This is my sad attempt at taking an #OOTD, by the way. My top was from Zara. My pants–my very comfy and garter-waisted pants—were from Uniqlo, and I got excited as soon as I saw them because they matched my Zara top well, as if they were made for each other. Hehe. I actually just saw a dress with much resemblance to this pair. (Check out the collection of River Island at ZALORA for more pieces like that.) Anyway, for my shoes, I wore my Stan Smith white sneakers, thanks to Josh who got them for me as his pasalubong from New York last year. ❤ For my bag, I used my trusty Kate Spade bag that matches anything and everything. (I got this from Citygate Outlets in 2014.) My watch and bracelet were from Marc by Marc Jacobs and Pandora. Anddd my eyeglasses were from Loewe, but they weren’t really supposed to be part of my ensemble, except I needed to ditch my contact lenses if I wanted my irritated eye to be well.


Jel and I ended Day 1 with a bowl of wanton noodle soup at a nearby restaurant. I will always just know that place when I see it, but up until now, I do not know what it’s called because they don’t have an English translation for their brand. All I know is that we ate there twice in the same trip because it was good there. They do not understand what take-away or takeout means, though, and they do not entertain credit cards. :p


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