Christmas 2015 Wishlist

While I planned on skipping making a wishlist this year, I couldn’t deny my love for lists and my love for material possessions. So since we’re being honest anyway, here are what I want for Christmas, aside from peace, joy, and love:

1. Bright, red crossbody bag

I could use a Celine, too. (source)

Red seems to be my new favorite accent color these days. (I make sure to say ‘accent’ because I don’t want to look like a walking Christmas Starbucks cup.) And what better piece to use as accent but a bag?


I can also do shoes or a jacket but for now, the search for the (b)right red crossbody bag is on. I’ve been looking for one for the past few months and I still haven’t found the one I’m 110% convinced to get.

2. Heavy-duty exercise machine

I’ve grown to enjoy fitness classes since last year but the costs of the classes I actually like are quite steep, and thus not sustainable. Unless maybe my life becomes all about fitness, then it’d be worth it. But until I stop being such a lover of McDonald’s, then I should stay practical. So I’m thinking either a spinner bike, or an elliptical machine (again, but this time more sturdy and heavy-duty so it lasts longer).

3.Moshi’s 10 ft (3 m) USB Cable with Lightning™ Connector


Who doesn’t need an extra lightning cord these days, let alone one that’s three meters long? 😮

4. Charriol St. Tropez watch (30 mm) 

two tone
Still torn between two-tone and just silver

This has been part of my wishlist for the longest time, along with a classic Chanel flap bag. Then again, I don’t expect anyone to buy me one, so this is very much within my own powers. So far, one of the things that’s stopping me from getting one (aside from the fact that it costs much more than a Michael Kors or a Marc Jacobs watch) is its lack of cost appreciation. However, when I think about it, I don’t really plan on buying it for the sake of selling it in the future… Hmm.

5. Full-body mirror

Isn’t she lovely? (source)


Thanks to this photo, I suddenly wanted one that’s not attached to my clothing cabinet.

6. Ghost Chair


This will be for my work desk that has yet to be resurrected.

7. Zara gift certificates

Because I’m in the middle of redefining my wardrobe, and it’s been making me feel like I’m running out of clothes to wear. (I am well aware this isn’t a worthy problem to dwell on, don’t worry. :p)

8. Benefit’s Big Easy Liquid to Powder Better-Than-BB (shade #2)

Check out a review from here -> (source)

Just discovered this product very recently, and I love how it has a matte, powder finish despite its liquid origin. Coverage is good, too. Not too heavy but covers what needs to be covered with the help of a trusty concealer. Plus, it also fares well with my oily skin.

9. Typo’s small letter marquee light in D (of course)


I have a feeling my bestfriend Diane got me this for Christmas. A very strong feeling at that. (HI DIANE! I HOPE YOU SEE THIS AND KNOW THAT YOU ARE BUSTED. :x)

10. adidas Climachill Gazelle Boost Women’s


I rarely find anything I like from adidas’ selection of sports shoes. I usually just stay in their Originals area, until yesterday when this caught my attention. I tried it on–I’m US size 7.5, by the way, and immediately fell in love with it. It may have dethroned Nike Roshes as the most comfortable rubber shoes I’ve ever worn. Since I don’t really work out much (as if that needs further restating), I say this would be perfect for my next travels! 🙂


(Featured image from Design Love Fest)

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