A Peek into #BestFoodForward2015

I’ve been going to Best Food Forward for as long as Nuffnang has partnered with their team. That was about three to four years ago, I think? And I’m proud to say that since then, I haven’t missed a year without visiting their annual food bazaar because truly they are one of the few good ones out there. And if you’re like me and you like discovering new food and also like recommending new and good food to other people, then Best Food Forward is made for you. 🙂


Now on their fifth year, Best Food Forward will be held on October 10 and 11, from 10AM to 8PM, at the Rockwell Tent in Makati. They’ll be featuring over 80 specialty food concessionaires there, and I can already feel myself getting a bit overwhelmed at the thought of it, and I bet you are, too. So here I am, your fairy foodmother who will help guide you on which food offerings to be on the lookout for at Best Food Forward 2015.

Frozen Weekends

Frozen Weekends was the first concessionaire that caught my attention at BFF’s bloggers’ event. They made me wish I could skip all the photo-taking and just start eating already! To give you a bit of a background, Frozen Weekend was born out of the owner’s tendency to wake up in the middle of the night and look for food to eat. Obviously if you’re hungry at such odd hour, you wouldn’t want to cook anything from scratch, right? So that’s where her idea of frozen balls, which do not need thawing prior to cooking, started. Her balls–thank God she is a she–are great eaten with carbs or on their own.

Lolas Bolas2

One of her products are the Lola’s Bolas which are Italian meatballs basically, but which the owner made especially for her grandma who wasn’t the type to cook. Really tasty and so satisfyingly protein-filled–perhaps only I am the type to say such thing.

Frozen Weekends Packaging

Another product offering she has are the Creamy Crab and Corn Booyah Balls, which she describes as “crunchy balls of goodness” that are filled with creamy crab and golden corn! When fried to perfection, these balls taste amazing!! I honestly prefer to just munch on them on their own. I can imagine eating them while watching a movie at the cinema. Ahhh, so good.

Booyah Balls

Also from her Booyah Balls line are the Cheesy Chiki-Curry Balls, which as the name suggests are comprised of cheese, chicken and curry, and again are crunchy balls of goodness. These and the Crab and Corn are my favorites! I wanted to buy some for take-home but sadly they weren’t selling. 😦 But yes, that’s how much I loved them.

Sushi Nori

Sushi Nori Box

Unlike Frozen Weekend in which product availability is still quite limited, Sushi Nori can easily be found at SM Aura. Still, that doesn’t discount them for being enough reason for you to go to Best Food Forward. Conceptualized by a pretty Atenean graduate whose name I once again failed to take note of, Sushi Nori is designed to be your fun sushi on the go. They have a wide array of flavors, from sweet to tangy to spicy, which was intentionally done by the owner as she believes that sushi is for everybody. So whatever taste you’re looking for, you’ll be able to find it there!

Sushi Nori Platter

Another thing that makes their sushi distinct apart from their fun personality and creative takeout box trays is the fact that they are sort of a Japanese-Mexican fusion. While Japanese is still the leading sushi-race (um I didn’t know what to call it..), you’ll find hints of Mexican references in them, either in their names or in their supporting ingredients.

3 Hungry Tummies

3 Hungry Tummies A

3 Hungry Tummies offer the chips versions of what we would usually have for breakfast. Tapa, bacon, corned beef, chorizo, and even bangus. You name it, and they probably have it in chips form! Really, really good for guy friends, brothers, fathers… for as long as they all don’t have high cholesterols and/or high blood. 😉

3 Hungry Tummies B

If I’m not mistaken, they were one of the first to get sold out at the Best Food Forward last year. So if that doesn’t make them promising, then I don’t know what qualifies in that department.

Go Brewed

Go Brewed, with my lack of proper research, is probably one of the first of its kind to do instant brewed coffee at least in the local market. I know it sounds a bit contradictory. Instant and brewed in one sentence doesn’t seem to add up. But these days, we don’t always need sensible. What we need most of the time are convenience and practicality. And Go Brewed just hit home-run on that.

Go Brewed

Go Brewed is available in three variants, from mild to strong in terms of taste. I’ve yet to try them all but the Allegro, the strongest one supposedly, was not as strong as I expected. Perhaps I’ll try it again soon with either less water, or more immersion time.

Go Brewed 2

Anyhow, I really adore the packaging, and I think they make as a good gift idea for older people, as well as for coffee lovers of any age.

Brownie Bar

Brownie Bar

Now to be honest, this isn’t my personal pick. Not because it wasn’t good, but because I was too full to try it out and I really don’t have much of a sweet tooth (anymore). Still, I’m including this in my list as all of my colleagues who were with me at the event loved them. I think this was their common favorite out of all those we tried out for that day. Plus, they look good and the idea behind it is innovative.

Brownie Bar Drops

According to my colleagues, the alcohol in the brownies isn’t really what makes them stand out but the cocoa used in them. The brownies are also not excruciatingly sweet and have a very chewy consistency, which is how all good brownies are. Should you prefer your brownies to have a stronger alcohol taste, Brownie Bar gives you the liberty to add more booze by using their booze droppers. One, two, three drops, and you’re on your way to drunken street. Kidding! Of course not!

Bald Baker

Bald Baker Case

Last but definitely not the least, I loved Bald Baker’s cookies! Owner Cy Ynares didn’t showcase his goodies at the event, and instead included his take-away treats in our loots! Good idea, I must say! The round plastic container was a simple but smart idea to house the cookies, and still make them look sooo enticing. There were a total of four different cookie flavors in it, and my faves were the Compost Cookie and the Orange Miso!

 Bald Baker Compost

The Compost Cookie is the best! It has all the ingredients you need in a cookie. It has chocolate chips, rice crispies, potato chips, butterscotch, pretzel (!), graham crackers, marshmallows, and salted caramel-o! Having all those in one cookie makes the cookie’s texture super interesting. I can bet my cat’s life on it that nobody will ever get bored with such a masterpiece. Promise! And I also love the fact that it’s on the salty side. Like I said earlier, I’ve lost my sweet tooth a while back and so anything too sweet will just earn a bite or two from me. But with this one, I can eat the whole thing. Which is quite scary actually, because I honestly believe that these things are the cause of obesity. Haha! Not rice, not even fries. :p

Bald Baker Flavors

Anyhoo, the Orange Miso was good, too! It has hints of orange, and the miso contributed a little salt to balance the sweetness. Again, salty wins! Hehe!


For more gastronomic lovin’, make sure to visit Best Food Forward 2015 on October 10 and 11, from 10AM to 8PM, at the very accessible Rockwell Tent in Makati! Also, when you do visit, don’t forget to bring wipes so you can avoid looking like a mess when your eating gets passionate. Haha!

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