Friday Favorites: Fruity Fun Edition

Fill in the blank:

I can never have too many _________ in my life.

My answers? Soaps, lotions, shampoos, fragrances, and lip balms!

Actually, the list would go on (like Celine Dion’s heart HEHE), but I would like to stop right there where I can still justify my hoarding tendencies by saying, “At least I know I’ll be using them all… eventually!” Haha!

The simplistic nature of some people may raise a brow at my statements, but the reason why I like having different variants of practically the same products is because of their varying scents. And I’m a big fan of smelling things. I get great pleasure from it, to the extent that I would buy certain products solely because they smell really, reaaaally good.

My constant, go-to scent? Fruity, without a doubt!

Photo from

Fruity scents always have a refreshing note to them, so in a way, that’s me saying fruity products make me feel clean. Fruity scents also make me feel young(er), energetic, and fun. As if there’s always a Katy Perry song playing in my head, everytime I put on something fruity.

So without further adieu, and because it’s Friday today, here are my five favorite fruit-scented essentials:

  1. Lush Handmade Miranda Soap


Have you ever seen a soap bar that resembles a fruit salad? Well, now you have, and you’re looking right at it.

This Miranda soap is made with fresh, organic kiwi fruit for gentle cleansing and brightening action for the skin, some bergamot for its soothing, orange-scented effects, and a little bit of ylang ylang and juniperberry to refresh weary spirits. (Source)

Like I told you, fruity scents do rejuvenate you like no other scents can!

  1. The Body Shop’s Strawberry Hand Cream 

CS_Strawberry Cream

This is actually a newfound favorite of mine! While I’ve always adored the smell of TBS’s strawberry, I haven’t had the chance to buy any of their strawberry products in the past couple of years or so, until last week when I got to try out their hand creams.

While they don’t look much of a cream physically (a slight disappointment, I must say), I was able to notice my palms softer the minute after I applied it! And that means quick absorption, with no sticky feeling whatsoever. Not to miss out on how gooood it smells. I probably look like an addict everytime I try sniffing my hands to enjoy its fruity scent! Hehe!

  1. Alba Botanica AcneDote Facial Wash and Scrub


I’ve been using these organic babies for almost a year now, and I love that their 2% salicylic acid help prevent my skin from breaking out. They also contain traces of peppermint oil, which I find soothing for my existing zits—perfect for PMS week when those annoying red bumps seem unavoidable!

As a bonus, both variants smell really awesome! Everytime I use them, their citrus bergamot orange scent make me feel like I’m at the spa—oh so relaxing!

  1. DKNY Be Delicious Green Apple Fragrance

CS_Green Apple

Donna Karan’s Be Delicious Green Apple has been one of my staples when it comes to fragrances. It’s my no-fuss go-to scent on days I don’t need frills.

Like its name and its bottle, its delicious green apple scent is also very straight to the point. And I guess that is why I like it a lot.

  1. Chapstick Lemon Berry Sorbet and Stawberry Banana Smoothie MixStix


Clearly, I’m a fan of lemon and berry scents. And also of lip balms in particular. I kind of like having one lip balm available at every spot I frequent in. If possible, I’d like to have one in my bathroom, right by the sink; one beside my bed; one on my office desk; one always in my purse so I can bring it everywhere I go.

So imagine my excitement when I found out that ChapStick was locally releasing the new ChapStick MixStix, which are both double-sided and dual-flavored, available in Lemon-Berry and Strawberry-Banana.

With these new ChapStick MixStix, I could enjoy a smoothie right on my lips by mixing strawberry and banana. Alternatively, I could refresh myself with a sorbet in the midst of the Manila heat, by mixing lemon and berry! Yes, ChapStick MixStix’s 2-in-1 flavors allow you to do just that!

ChapStick MixStix is a super fun and super fruity beauty product I absolutely love. And more than fun and fruity, it has 11 different kinds of moisturizers that hydrate my lips for up to 8 hours! Define YAY!

Knowing it’s only available here for a limited time, though, makes me want to hoard all the ChapStick MixStix I’ll need for the rest of the year! And maybe also for the upcoming year. LOL! (Somebody stop me!)

(ChapStick MixStix are available in leading drug stores, supermarkets, etc.)



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