Singapore 2015: IKEA Alexandra

After Day 1 of our Digital Marketing Conference at Suntec City–which was why we were in Singapore in the first place, we took a cab to IKEA Alexandra, which is one of the only two branches there. Of course, before anything else, we hit the food section first as we were already starving.



The queue of people was quite intimidating, to be honest, but it wasn’t like we had any other options. Hungry people must eat! And so we endured the line happily contemplating on our orders, while being entertained by the sights of one cake after another and other similar goodies.


Since we were a group of five, and we wanted to try out as many dishes as possible (not that the selections were too varied), we teamed up into groups of 2’s and 3’s. The two were Jona and Grace, and then three were me, Geoff, and Jel.

I loved how they have push-carts for trays!
I loved how they have push-carts for trays!

Our IKEA meal was probably one of the rare instances everyone’s appetites were in sync. Usually, it would just be me and Jel who would order a little more than what average people could and/or would eat. But this time around, we all sort of over-ordered, and boy did that make me jumpy! 😀


Some of our orders included IKEA’s signature Swedish meatballs (my first time to try these out and concluded they were worth the hype), chicken wings (which hit the spot), some unmemorable dumplings, a bowl of creamy mushroom soup, and some nicely blanched broccoli.

IKEA_3B copy

Double G!
G & G

For dessert, Jona and Grace shared a big cookie and the rest of us took several indulgent bites from this Almond Butterscotch cutie. (I say cutie because–surprise, surprise, it’s a pie!)

Ultimate proof that the chicken wings were really good :))))
Ultimate proof that the chicken wings were really good :))))

Once our tummies were filled and satisfied, we finally headed off to the great maze that was the IKEA store. Unfortunately, though, I wasn’t able to take as many photos as I wish I did now during our shopping time. Perhaps it was because I fell asleep along the way. Hehe!

Happy kitty, sleepy kitty, purr purr purr!
Happy kitty, sleepy kitty, purr purr purr!
Room inspiration #1
Hi Audrey and Charlie!
Interesting ceiling lamp!

While most of IKEA’s items were really affordable, I only kept my purchases to a minimum, as most of those I fancied were too bulky to carry all the way home to Manila. Some of the things I did end up buying were a couple of frying pans (they were jaw-droppingly cheap at around PHP 120 to PHP 150 only!!), a pink bedside wall lamp (from the kids’ section but for myself hihi), colored travel bottles for shampoos and whatnot (always my weakness), a very handy milk frother for my coffee (which I still haven’t bought a battery for), and a couple of chocolate bars for pasalubong.

Now you’d think the paying part is always the most dreaded part of a shopping spree, but here at IKEA, it definitely wasn’t! They give you an option to do a self-service checkout, which I gladly chose and wanted to do all night long if I could. I think my favorite part there was when I swiped my own credit card, dialed the numbers, and signed my own receipt! IKEA-M-A-Z-I-N-G! Hahahaha!

I couldn't make it work at first.
I couldn’t make it work at first. 😐

Before bidding adieu to this wonderland, I got myself a sundae cone, and had yet another self-service encounter along the way.

And then I did. :)
Look,  a perfectly done sundae! It’s because it was automatic and I really wasn’t allowed to swirl it myself. LOL.

And to end this post, I say, “Have a blessed Sundae, everybody!”


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