Singapore 2015: Universal Studios Sentosa

Last April, my teammates and I went to Singapore for a digital marketing conference at Suntec City. Of course we didn’t only do work. We made sure we injected a lot of fun here and there to maximize our trip, starting with one of my favorite Singapore destinations–Universal Studios in Sentosa!

Laksa (Jel’s), Ginger & Onion Pork (Geoff’s), Cereal Prawns (Jona’s), Orange Chicken (mine)

Before anything else, here’s a photo of our first meal during this trip! We had these at Food Republic (probably my favorite food court in Asia) in Vivo City, before we rode the train straight to Sentosa.

Merlion meets Dencat

Upon arrival, I was greeted by this super cute and colorful Merlion! And so I greeted it back and said, “Hello, Merlion! I’m Dencat. Pleased to meet you!”

Mandatory Universal Studios globe shot
Mandatory Universal globe shot
What a happy Geoffrey!
What a happy Geoffrey!
Three (Not-So-)Bored Girls
Three (Not-So-) Bored Girls
I'm a kangaroo with a baby water!
I’m a kangaroo with a baby water!
Mandatory ticket shot
Mandatory ticket shot
Rare photo of us five complete!
Rare photo of us five complete! Hi Grace!

Aaand of course we took a lot of “mandatory” Universal Studios photos the whole day. Expect our faces to be plastered everywhere in this post. Haha! The truth is, I usually have to choose between photo ops and maximizing my theme park experience, but this visit in particular turned out to be an exception. We had plenty of time to do all we wanted to do, and we were able to do both quite successfully. 😀

Beautiful sceneries <3

High five, Minion!
High five, Minion!
Our first stop
Our first stop
Inside Lights, Camera, Action
Inside Lights, Camera, Action

One of our first stops was the Lights, Camera, Action of Steven Spielberg. I was always amused by the special effects they can cook up here for movies, and so as always, I had a blast.

I loved taking a photo with Marilyn! Such a character! ❤
When it was Jona and Geoff's turn, I was like,
When it was Jona and Geoff’s turn, I was like, “Why didn’t I think of that pose?!”
Got to be up close with one of the cars used in Furious 7. Quite exciting, since this happened just a couple of weeks after the movie came out.
Inside the Transformers ride

The first time I got to try this Transformers ride out was about three years ago, and I remember being all-smiles the whole time I was at it. It was simply that spectacular! However, I may have sold it a little too much to myself that the second time (present time) wasn’t as exhilarating anymore. 😐 It’s still one of the best offerings here at USS, though. No doubt about that!

Hi Bumblebee!!!
Hi Bumblebee!!!

Post-Transformers, Jona and I rode the Mummy ride, but we had to leave our things behind because of the ride policy. So, no photos!

Just because I liked the branding
Me likey Marilyn’s leggies

Post-Mummy, we took a short break for a while, because the weather got gloomy and they closed down the rides temporarily. We actually got worried we would need to go home, missing the rest of the theme park offerings, but thank God the weather improved shortly.

Photo with the
Photo with the “locals” hihi

Geoff, Jona, Grace, and Jel lined up at the new Puss ride

When they resumed their normal operation, we tried out this new ride called Puss in Boots’ Giant Journey. Obviously, this got me super excited because it’s Puss, and Puss is a cat, and I love cats. :p It turned out to be a really kiddie ride, though, like a very gentle rollercoaster. I say gentle, but I’m not too sure what Jel and Geoff would say… Haha!


We wrapped up our USS visit with the Jurassic Park ride. This was one of the rides we tried to do earlier that afternoon, but was closed down due to the bad weather. This ride is actually still one of my favorite rides to date at USS, probably even beating Transformers, because I will always like rides that involve falling down from heights, and those that get you wet with water! While this might not be the best comparison, I must say this is like a combination of Enchanted Kingdom’s Log Jam and Rio Grande. And because we were just five people, we had to sit with a Japanese/Korean/Singaporean family of three, making them part of our remembrance:

Our one and only concrete souvenir from USS
Our one and only souvenir from USS

After we were done with USS, we dropped by Candylicious, which is an anti-diabetic store just right outside the theme park. We didn’t really buy much, though, so I just interacted with their Reese, Kisses, and Hershey!

We danced along to YMCA!

Tired after having walked about 20,000 steps so far that day, we finally got to rest our feet and ate our early dinner at Malaysian Food Street.


My favorite dish from the whole trip was probably the Claypot Chicken that Geoff and Jona ordered from there. I was really happy they didn’t finish their food, because I was waiting for that to happen the whole time I was eating my order. LOL! After this, we headed to Gardens by the Bay, but I’ll talk about that in a different post soon! 🙂


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