Friday Favorites: Five Flicks of the Week

Inspired by my all-time favorite gal Lauren Conrad, I started this Friday Favorites series in my Tumblr blog last year. But just like most of my mini projects, I didn’t follow through and only had three posts in total. :/

Since I’m starting (or more like trying) to blog more often again, I thought, why not follow through now? Better late than never, right? So for this week, my Friday Favorites consist of the five movies I watched in the past two weeks. And yes, I did like all of them, which merits a yay!

1. Get Hard (2015)

I saw this at the movie house two Saturdays ago, and honestly I was unsure whether it was a movie worth paying for. I do not always appreciate guy humor and I wasn’t sure I was a fan of Will Ferrell and/or Kevin Hart. Until I actually sat through the entire film, and laughed way more than I expected. I definitely do not have the best of tastes, though, and it probably was just me looking to have some fun that night. Regardless, I found Will and Kevin’s comic chemistry off the charts. 😀

For the premise, I suggest you just watch the trailer embedded above. Hehe.

2. The Duff (2015)

The Duff caught my attention the first time I saw its trailer. Maybe because it reminded me of the teeny bopper movies I liked to watch when I was younger. And maybe because what the word Duff stands for–Designated Ugly Fat Friend–interested me, no matter how stupid the concept is, because we’re grown ups now and we’re supposed to be past those petty high school labels, right? Still, my inclination towards the Mean Girls type of movies got me looking it up online one boring night in bed.

No surprising reveals or anything. Just a cute guy and your average girl hitting it off. And a beautiful red head who has an ugly heart. I say it’s still worth watching, though, when you totally have nothing better to do. 😛

3. Wedding Ringer (2015)

Due to my newfound appreciation for Kevin Hart (and because I’ve always girl-crushed on Kaley Cuoco), I found myself watching Wedding Ringer on my way home from a family vacation in Baguio last week. A little similar to the premise of I Love You Man, this movie is about a not-your-conventially-cool guy (Josh Gad) who will very soon marry the girl (Cuoco) of every guy’s dream. And he, being the kind of human being that he is, doesn’t have any male friends to be part of his entourage. And of course he doesn’t want his fiancee to find out about this, so he goes on to hire a wedding ringer (Hart) to cast his entire male entourage.

4. Fired Up (2009)

Since I was already very much in the mood for light and funny movies, I dug up a pretty old movie which I remembered liking but not too much to the point of remembering every single scene clearly. I was quite tired, still on my way home from Baguio at this point, so it felt nice to rewatch a good old movie and still be able to laugh at it because it’s not too familiar just yet.

Again, because I’m supposed to be sleeping already in time for my company outing tomorrow, please watch the trailer above to know what it’s about. 😀

My favorite line? You gotta risk it to get the biscuit! And this will stick with you, too, if you watch it. 😛

Btw, these two guys in Fired Up are adorable! One of the perfect epitomes of a bromance. Haha. ❤

5. Pitch Perfect 2

Thanks to Nuffnang and Skype Qik, I got to catch the second installment of Pitch Perfect on its first day yesterday! I wasn’t too sure what to expect, because not a lot of people had watched it before me, and I didn’t really check the rating on Rotten Tomatoes. So, with zero expectations, I entered the cinema just to relax and have fun. And I did just that, and I really, really enjoyed every minute of it. 🙂

Second installment films rarely match their first film’s awesomeness, but this one did. If anything, there’s even a slight chance it might’ve beaten the first one. What can I say? Fat Amy still has it. 😉


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