26 on the 26th

While I don’t usually plan for my day-to-day activities, I very much enjoy planning for special occasions. And by that, I basically mean my international travels. I see to it that I create very detailed itineraries, which not only involve strict schedules but also information on how to get to places and how long they’ll take, nearby destinations, and how much the estimated expenses are. I do it so meticulously that it’s one of the rare times I get OC about everything, down to the format.


So for my 26th birthday last February 26, I thought, why not plan it with all my might, too? And so I did. And unlike my usual itineraries in Excel format, this one I did in Powerpoint. Talk about #bongga. 😉 I even downloaded new fonts, and decided my deck be in this year’s Pantone color–Marsala.


To give you a background, the night before my actual birthday, I had a celebration with my ultimate go-to barkada, together with my longtime friend, Mitz, since we share the same birthday. We treated them for dinner at Torch, which had just newly opened in Greenbelt 5, replacing Mr. Jones, at that time. Afterwards, we ended the night by ‘partying’ at Raven. It was just a simple birthday bash, made special by my favorite people. ❤


Despite getting home late the night before, I had a relatively early start on my actual birthday with my boyfriend and birthday date, Josh. For starters, we had brunch at Hole in the Wall in Century City Mall.


It was our first time to hit this place, which was pretty much why I decided this to be part of my birthday plans. Plus the fact that it seemed like the perfectly casual start for such a day. 🙂  And upon entrance, I knew I made the right choice.

Some of our orders included:


Beef Pho from Phobobo


 A Bad Bird plate ❤


Japanese matcha cheesecake from Green Cheese


Some cookies from Scout’s Honor, for takeout

What can I say? I loved the interior of Hole in the Wall! I loved how spacious it was and how it was a totally new concept at least for us here in Manila. I also loved how it offered new food chains, all in one place. 🙂 Based on what we tried that day, though, it was only Bad Bird that I felt was worth coming back for. My friends love Scout’s Honor, though, but I’m not much of a cookie eater to be in awe of it.


Up next was our couple’s spa date at QiWellness Living in Tagaytay. We drove for about an hour or so from Makati to Tagayaty, and since it was a weekday, the traffic cooperated with us very well. We also stopped for coffee at one of the SLEX Starbucks branches because I was feeling zombie-ish at this point. And as always, it did the trick. 😉


Just as the blogs I googled said, all guests are welcomed with a loud ‘gong’ at QiWellness. And although I should’ve had seen it coming, the sound still caught me off guard! Haha! Their gong somehow made me feel special, though, so it was all good. 😛 Anyway, that gong aside, I must say that I experienced a love at first sight with this place. It truly felt like entering a different dimension once you’re in there. Suddenly, you’re void of the usual busyness of life, and it’s all just relaxation and beauty. The best part of it all, while the package we got was more or less a 3-hour package, we were told by the host there that they never rush their guests to be done with anything. And knowing me, I liked that info a lot. 😉


After being offered tea at the welcoming area, we changed into our swimwear and got ready for their Yin and Yang pool. The left one is the super hot one, and the right was the super cold. And I’m not even exaggerating with my supers, because they really were extreme opposites, these two.

BlogPhoto9We dipped in the hot one first, not quite sure if it was the correct thing to do (hot before cold). And believe me, with this kind of view, I really wanted to stay there for as long as I could. But the temperature and my pseudo ADHD prevented me from doing so. Haha.


About 10 to 15 minutes after the first pool, I transferred to the extremely cold one. It felt like I had a thousand of invisible ice cubes with me in that pool! Soooo coooold but sooo awesome! I actually miss it a lot now, now that summertime is officially here.


Anyway, I didn’t get to take many photos while we were here, practically because we were wet most of the time, and were supposed to be relaxing and not documenting… So to walk you through what took place next very briefly, after our Yin-Yang pool dip, we:

  • Had a 30-minute foot reflexology by the pool
  • Took a shower
  • Had our 60/90-minute full-body massage in our private room
  • Got dressed and ready for our next stop–dinner!

And then goodbye, QiWellness! We’ll definitely be back! And by then, we’ll be sure to bring a GoPro with us so we can take more photos. Hihi!


Marcia Adam’s Tuscany was our last stop for the day. It was recommended to us by my bestfriend, Diane. It was both funny and creepy, though, because since it was a weeknight and it was in the middle of Tagaytay, we were the only ones dining there that night. Good thing we made our reservation. Otherwise, they probably would’ve closed down the place even before we arrived. Hehe. The ambiance was great, though, although it probably would be much nicer during daytime. 😛 Oh, and we also made a new grasshopper-looking friend and named it Alfie! He was standing by the window behind Josh the whole time we were eating. We weren’t as alone as we thought, after all. Heehee.

BlogPhoto9DDespite being the only guests (+ Alfie) in such a vast place, Josh and I had a very lovely time over dinner. Place was good, food was great, and my company was the best. ❤


We got the full-course meal, which provided us one appetizer, one main course, and one dessert each. And everything was both pretty and tasty, just the way I like it. 🙂

BlogPhoto9FAll in all, I had one of my best birthdays ever that day! There was actually more to it than what I’ve written here, but hey, this isn’t my diary. 😛


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