Best of Beauty 2018: Makeup Edition

Yes, this blog is not dead! :p Before the year ends, I just want to do a quick roundup of my favorite makeup products (aka where my money went) this year. I'll be listing them down in order of application, but to note, not all categories will have a favorite. So without further adieu, here they [...]


Best of Beauty 2017: Skincare Edition

Upon welcoming the new year, I tried contemplating on 2017 in a deep way (LOL) but all I saw were my skincare and makeup products. HAHAHA. I'm not even kidding. I got tempted to be sad about it, but hey, I feel like I actually ended the year much happier than when I started it. [...]

Taipei Beauty & Skincare Haul

Having stayed at a hostel that's just a 10-minute brisk walk away from the Ximending shopping area allowed me to do several rounds of mini shopping sprees, despite my pretty short stay in Taiwan. This way, I got to compare prices, weigh my options, go back for any missed must-buys, do some rebuys because I [...]

February Favorites

1. Lush Tea Tree Toner Water I always break out on PMS days, and my recent skin outrage went worse than usual. I was getting pimples even after my period was done. Thankfully my fascination over beauty vlogs brought me to discover Lush's Tea Tree Toner Water. It was recommended by my new favorite YouTuber, [...]